I got a tip from a friend and checked Goodreads and LOOK: "...His newest book which is yet unreleased will focus once again on Terence. The story is about Terence's quest to the fairy realm." 

So here's the big question, because Morris doesn't have his own website. Is this indeed a new book entirely? Or is it outdated news regarding SQ or LK?

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FIC: She Gave More Than I

Title: She Gave More Than I

Author: ninedaysaqueen

Beta: openedlocket

Disclaimer: I claim no ownership of The Squire's Tales series. All rights and recreant knights belong to Gerald Morris and his respective publishers.

Spoilers: Books 1-2

Rating: PG/K+

Genre: Drama/Romance/Angst/Pre-canon

Word Count: 1,300

Summary: “Your face is the face of a faery, my son. But your selfless heart is the gift of your mother. As always, she has given more than I.” - From The Squire, His Knight, and His Lady

Author's Notes: We learn very little about Terence's mother in canon, and I've always been curious about the human girl who so enchanted Ganscotter. She's described in the books as being a gentle peasant girl from Yorkshire, but in the tradition of Morris's canon female characters, I aimed to make her just a little bit tougher and more independent than the term gentle might encompass. However, I hope you still enjoy my interpretation. :)

Apologizes for any historical inaccuracies that may or may not be deliberate. Since ST is obviously not a historical series, I went more for simply entertaining than factually precise.

Also, fair warning, this one's a tear-jerker, folks.


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TS: What a good book

Terence's Furriest Fan!

Hello, everyone!

I'm a (fairly) new member, officially de-lurking.  I had read 'The Lioness and Her Knight' years ago, but I didn't know it was part of a series....Lady Jane recc'ed the entire series to me over on sounis (fan site for The Queen's Thief Series, by Megan Whalen Turner - if you haven't read it, read it now!) and I read 'The Squire's Tale' at the beginning of the year, and I'm still making my way through the series.   But I'm not the only new fan:

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Look what I found!

A lot of searching and a little luck found me some more of the foreign editions of ST. Not certain which language this is (though I'm pretty sure it's German), but Google translator (and blauerfalke) helped me to decipher the titles.

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Kristen Bell


I was recently flipping through my copy of The Legend of the King, and wanted to know if anyone else noticed this...

Only by maintaining their faith, selflessness, and honor, can Morgause and Mordred banish and defeat dark magic from England forever. -From the dust-jacket summary

After blinking for a few moments, I decided this must be a grammatical mistake, as I don't recall Modred or Morgause banishing dark magic with their selfless, faithful honor from England at any point in the story! I'm just surprised it took me this long to notice it.

Has anyone else found amusing typos or grammatical errors in the ST series?
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TV Tropes

The Squire's Tales is now on TV Tropes!

*cue fannish squee*

Do you have any favorite tropes that are featured in this series? How do you think Gerald Morris used these tropes effectively? Such as Forgone Conclusion in LeK, Crowning Moment of Awesome in SQ, Luke, You Are My Father in QF, Year Inside, Hour Outside in SKL, and Honor Before Reason in the entire series?


So I don't know if anyone here listens to NPR, but this week's "Prairie Home Companion" featured an absolutely gorgeous song called "Avalon" by the duo Storyhill. I don't think there's an superior link to the song anywhere, but it's a little under half an hour into the PHC broadcast, if you go looking there. There's also a sample on Storyhill's website (www.storyhill.com) that includes my favorite verse. The song is clearly inspired by the Arthur legend...and it makes me smile. (No squires, though, which is perhaps its only fault...)

If you like, make this song your King-Arthur-legend outlet for the week.

Thinking Idiot

The Great Movie Debate

All of a sudden, I couldn't stop thinking of the Squire's Tales a couple of days ago. Looked out at night—half moon. No wonder.

Anyway, in my thinkings, I had a question. I know that somewhere we've struck upon the topic of what actor would play what character should the series be made into movies. My question, however, is: should the Squire's Tales books be made into movies? Here's what I came up with.


1. The books lend themselves perfectly to good, wholesome, mostly-child-friendly, quality movies that could be enjoyed again and again. Each one has action, adventure, romance, comedy, and morals. A lot cleaner than the usual Hollywood fare, with an excellent storyline.

2. Making movies would lead more people to the books, increasing sales for Gerald Morris, who definitely deserves it, and extending the fanbase. These books really do deserve more recognition.

3. Any movie made would be fairly low-budget. I mean, be honest. Is there a whole lot of sparkly-magic-fire-throwing-mythical-creature-type fighting and/or viewing going on? No! Mostly it's just a bunch of guys, a bunch of swords, and a bunch of castles. The low demand for special effects means the Squire's Tales movies wouldn't cost a fortune.

4. The conclusion of the Harry Potter film franchise (as well as the lack of a decent sword-flick since LOTR) has left a hole that needs to be filled by a magic-laden story. Hunger Games won't satisfy everyone. We need some sorcery.


1. The books are slower-paced than most movies warrant. While each book clearly stands full and entire on its own two feet, if we saw it in a movie (especially one where the director wasn't too careful) it would seem like a whole lot of nothing was going on. What would most likely happen would be a conglomeration of books—and for a gazillion different reasons (mostly related to pacing/arc issues), that would be very, very bad.

2. As proven by movies like The Seeker, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and the Guardians of Ga'Hoole, screenwriters are Not That Smart. Any plot already given to them would likely come out on screen as something completely different. A bad sript or lazy director could easily mess up the movie's chance not only for success, but for any other director to come along and give it a shot.

3. The series takes place over a span of 20-25 years. With the exception of Terence and the other faeries, this means locating actors who can pull off a 15-20 year age progression without being obnoxious about it. Look at the fit people threw when the HP Epilogue was being filmed. It's already hard enough finding actors who fit physical types (redheaded actor with a big beard, much?) without narrowing the field to actors who can convincingly play the same role, older.

4. There's a limited amount of swearing, nakedness, heavy drinking, or other naughtiness involved in these books, which probably means Hollywood won't pay them any mind.

In short, I have mixed feelings about the whole business. While I would KILL to see a Squire's Tales movie, I'd be terrified of something going wrong. I wouldn't mind a few changes—for instance, if the first book was ever made into a movie, I can predict serious editing to either the Questing Ladies chapter or the section with Sir Pelleas and Lady Ettard. That wouldn't bother me so much. But something like dragging Eileen in from SKL because Terence needs a girlfriend, or taking emphasis off of Morgause's plot, or belittling Arthur or any of the less stereotypical knights because they aren't fighting as much...I think not. Thoughts? Feelings? Suggestions? Anyone know a producer/director/screenwriter with some time on his hands?